Producer Support

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Hiring and training a new producer takes time and is expensive. Agencies need producers to grow their agencies beyond the owners own efforts. Prime insurance producers are expensive. Producer Support will help agencies hire less than fully seasoned agents and get them producing faster with more selling skills and education. Producer Support will take you new agents through the following topics: avoiding Error and Omissions claims to help the agent be aware of items that could impact the agency after the sale. We also introduce your agents t to build a profitable book of business. We review the agency procedure manual, take them through EzLynx training (multi-carrier rating system), how to leverage a website, use social media, and create awareness in the community. And, of course, assist the agent in their learning insurance coverages.

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Insurance Sales Training & Education

Exclusive, one-on-one training and education for our affiliate agents all at no direct cost. We cover property and liability insurance for business and personal lines, beginner to advanced.

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