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Continuing Education

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A number of courses offered have been approved with continuing education credits for insurance agents in the states of Colorado and California. What better way is there to learn insurance, receive real-time knowledge, a working tool that will help you sell more insurance, one-on-one instruction and at no additional direct cost to you. Credits range from 3 credit hours to 18 and include beginner to advanced courses. Many more are in the works for additional CE credit.

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Continuing Education Course Credits

The participant of this class will experience first hand the creation of a comprehensive insurance program for a multi-state, multi-faceted garage risk. The student will experience working on a garage risk that has the following; used car dealerships, auto body repair shops, and automobile service shops. While working on this risk, you will learn about the coverages needed to adequately protect this risk, while exploring loss control for this type of risk. This course provides 18 hours of continuing education credit.
No matter where you live, people have recreational vehicles to include boats, RVs, motorcycles and more. This course is specifically designed to provide coverages needs based on these lines of business as well as underwriting requirements and carrier appetites.
As technology grows, so does the need for Cyber Liability. We will exam what Cyber Liability is, who needs cyber liability and what cyber liability really does during this class.
This course will direct the student in how to identify a “High Net Worth or Affluent Client”, what they are looking for in an agent and the products that are best suited for them. In addition, we will touch on some market strategies.
This course is designed to provide you with an overview of basic property underwriting principles as well as information on Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure (COPE). This course offers 2 hours of continuing education credit.

Insurance Sales Training & Education

Exclusive, one-on-one training and education for our affiliate agents all at no direct cost. We cover property and liability insurance for business and personal lines, beginner to advanced.

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