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Complex Risk Accounts Education

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Unlike other coursework where the agent learns while working on their own active policy quote for a customer, the participant working with Complex Risks acts as the agent quoting a large hypothetical account. The participant works off a Request for Proposal (RFP) and must evaluate the risk for coverages currently in place, investigate coverages needed, explore risk management options and learn the underwriting process. The participant will evaluate the customers’ insurance and non-insurance needs, both current and latent, create a quote request to the carrier, prepare the final policy presentation to the client and create a sales approach unique to the client all with one on one mentoring.

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Complex Risk Accounts Courses

Explore the components of a large general contractor, their coverage needs, underwriting considerations, coverage alternatives while researching risk management solutions and creating a solid insurance plan.
Delve into a risk that includes large property values, various liability exposures, and underwriting considerations and create a robust insurance program to meet the insured’s needs.
Learn about the nuances of a large elegant dining establishment while investigating the underwriting of this type of risk and creating insurance solutions for their exposures.
There are differences in long-haul trucking and local trucking, you will increase your knowledge of commercial auto while exploring new coverages and diving into surety bonds needed for this type of risk.
Insurance carriers are responding to technology business. Exposures, both domestic and foreign, are covered as well as how to adequately protect this type of risk.
Imagine a large farm. We will explore the components of the operation, their coverage needs, underwriting considerations, coverage alternatives and provide risk management solutions.
Learn about a large manufacturing plant, the insurance risks involved, basic coverages needed, identify additional exposures and create loss control solutions for this type of exposure.
Create a comprehensive insurance program for a multi-state, multi-faceted garage risk that has the following; used car dealerships, auto body repair shops, and automobile service shops.

Insurance Sales Training & Education

Exclusive, one-on-one training and education for our affiliate agents all at no direct cost. We cover property and liability insurance for business and personal lines, beginner to advanced.

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