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Commercial lines have become essential in the success of the Property Casualty Insurance Agent. With so many challenges on the horizon for Personal Insurance, learning and understanding Commercial Insurance will offer an agent the means to continue the success of their agency no matter how the market will be impacted. Driverless cars, the internet sales of Insurance and other market disrupters encourage insurance agents to learn Commercial, both small and large, to offset the potential loss of income from Personal Lines. The Commercial Insurance education focuses on ISO based forms and allows the agent to learn the ins and outs of various commercial lines coverages, how the carriers underwrite risks, and how to sell the product to the client. Coursework includes one-on-one consultation with one of our personal lines trainers and offers ideas on how to present and close the sale to the customer.

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Commercial Lines Insurance Courses

Insurance Sales Training & Education

Exclusive, one-on-one training and education for our affiliate agents all at no direct cost. We cover property and liability insurance for business and personal lines, beginner to advanced.

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